Dress Up to a Societal Mess Up (Maine Guest)

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Dress up to a Societal Mess Up


My tutu stood out as I twirled about

My t-shirts told corny jokes

Fashion was fun

When I was small

and the playing had just begun


Walking into mom's closet

I stood in awe

I'd try on her shoes, her scarves

See no flaw

I was confident in my fashion

It was quickly becoming a passion


It was not so soon after

That I'd heard of a disaster 

Taking place in a garment factory

People had lost their lives

All because some wanted coloured dyes

In their fabrics

The West wanted more and more

But producing clothing was a chore

With little support or safety 


As I learnt more

I tried to store

My knowledge in safari tabs

Finding brands I knew were ethically fab


It's all a choice

Whether you thrift or mass consume

You must not presume

how your clothes are made

Wear that tutu with pride

knowing it comes from the sustainable thrifty side 


- Jaime Hilditch

About Jaime: 

I've known Jaime for over 5 years. We originally met in Kenya, and have remained friends ever since, travelling & adventuring together. She is an incredible artist, attending OCAD in Toronto. She's listened to my rants about fast fashion and conscious consumerism, amongst many other things. For all of this and so much more, I'm so thankful & proud to call her my friend. 

You can follow her on Instagram @j.hilditch . 

Illustrations by Jaime Hilditch

Illustrations by Jaime Hilditch