Consignment in Calgary

I'm a student who only works part-time. This means that my budget for clothing is next to nothing. While I've worked hard to create a small wardrobe for myself, that doesn't mean that I don't want to still somewhat follow fashion trends, or that I don't ever have the urge to go shopping. So, this has led me to consignment stores. While thrift stores are my go-to for a cheap shopping fix doesn't create new textile waste, going to a consignment store feels more like going to a boutique rather than a jumbled warehouse. I was talking with a friend, and we were discussing how you really have to set aside time to go to a thrift store, because it isn't curated, there are hundreds of racks, and its kind of overwhelming. I think consignment strikes the perfect balance of a cheaper shopping experience without buying new fast fashion pieces, and boutique luxury shopping. 

Here in Calgary, I've discovered so many perfect gems of stores, and they are typically owned & run by women. So, not only am I shopping second-hand, I'm also supporting small local businesses and often my local #girlgang. 

I've created a map of four of the consignment stores I frequent here in YYC. 

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1. Kensington Konsignment: 130 10 St NW

This store is the most well organized. It has clear sizing demarcations, and I've never had a problem finding my size. While its hard to get parking in Kensington, I think its worth the trip to duck into this store. 

* Wheelchair accessible.


2. The Clothing Bar: 1911 34 Ave SW

This is my go to when I'm trying to replace wardrobe essentials, like sweaters or shirts. There is always a massive selection of clothing (my arms always hurt after flipping through the hangers) so I can usually find something in my size. This store definitely consigns a lot of popular fast fashion brands, so if you're trying to get your H&M or Forever 21 fix, or pick up a new 'trend' piece, without actually supporting the companies directly, this is your go-to store. 

* Not wheelchair accessible. 


3. Velour Vintage: 200 - 1022 17th Ave S.

This is probably my favourite on this list. It's a vintage lovers paradise, but I find it caters to wider aesthetic tastes. This store is like being in someone's living room. It's comfortable, but beautiful. I also love that it is genderless, the clothing is just organized by style! The owner is fabulous, and has always been there to help and recommend items that she thinks I'd like, or would look good on me. I've taken so many friends here, and they have all loved it. 

* Not wheelchair accessible.


4. Peacock boutique Consignment: 1415 11 St SW

I've only ever been in the Beltline location, but Peacock feels the most like a boutique shopping experience. Its spacious and bright, with cute vignettes highlighting various products. 

* This location is wheelchair accessible.

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