Environmental Impact of Fashion: Resources

This information was originally created for participants of Fashion Revolution YYC who attended in an in-person event. The resources provided below are meant to further attendee's knowledge, and provide further information discussed at each of the events. That being said, all of these resources are valuable to everyone, regardless if you were in attendance!


1. RiverBlue Documentary:

Following international river conservationist, Mark Angelo, RIVERBLUE spans the globe to infiltrate one of the world’s most pollutive industries, fashion. Narrated by clean water supporter Jason Priestley, this groundbreaking documentary examines the destruction of our rivers, its effect on humanity, and the solutions that inspire hope for a sustainable future. Watch it here.

2. CBC Marketplace:

Clothing Waste: Fashion's Dirty Secret. In this broadcast, Marketplace investigates clothing recycling programs at fast fashion chains, and reveals the marketing may not live up to what it promises consumers and the planet. While you feel good about dropping off all those used clothes, you might not be doing as much good as you think. Watch it here.

3. Garson & Shaw

A short documentary that describes the life of used clothing. Watch it here.


The Cladwell App:

Recommended by Tanya Puka, Cladwell helps you plan out your wardrobe, and all the potential combinations of outfits, so you can reinvigorate your wardrobe without buying anything new.