5 Ethical Swimsuits You'll Love This Summer

Shopping for swimsuits used to be the bane of my existence. However, thanks to some body positive pep talks from feminists like Jes Baker, and brands shifting to be more inclusive, I don't dread buying swimsuits anymore. I've rounded up five of my favourite brands that sell swimsuits. They are all at different price ranges, aesthetics, and made for different genders and sizes. I hope that you'll find a suit that you know has been made ethically, and that makes you feel comfortable and confident! 

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1. Hackwith Design House

There is no other word to describe these swimsuits other than as dreamy. Handmade in Minnesota USA, these pieces are simple and timeless. 

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2. Think Love Live

This is an Australian based ecofriendly swimwear and activewear brand, whose mission is to change the mindset around fast fashion through creative design and textiles. Think Love Live's swimwear peices are made from 92% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and their active wear is made from 70% Lyocell and 30% Sorona. Lyocell yarn is made from FSC plantation wood and uses non-toxic chemicals to break the wood down to make yarn. Sorona production uses 37% renewable plant-based ingredients and lower dyeing temperatures. Both the Swimwear and Activewear fabrics are woven in China, and the swimwear fibre is sourced from Repreve, a US company, and the yoga fiber is sourced from Lenzing fibres, an Austrian company, and Dupont, a US company. The current collection is made ethically in Thailand, but they are aiming to have their next collection produced in Australia. Reasonably priced, these swimsuits are simple, and perfect for your next beach getaway. 

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3. Nettle's Tale 

Nettle's Tale is the swimsuit company that actually is made for every body. Their swimsuits are made in Vancouver, Canada and inspired by an actual woman from the Pacific Northwest. On top of this, 10% of the profits support charities. As someone who owns the 'Heather' top, I can attest to the comfort and quality of these suits. 

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4. TomboyX

TomboyX is a gender inclusive brand, and while they aren't specifically a swimwear shop, I love TomboyX because they make clothes without enforcing the gender binary, and they have SO many size options. Their activewear uses crab and shrimp shells instead of finishing with synthetic chemicals. Their MicroModal fabric is made out of sustainably harvested and processed Beechwood fibers, and their prints use recycled water. Their factories pay a living wage, and they don't source from sweatshops. I also love that social justice and LGBTQ+ issues are at the core of their company. 

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5. Dazey LA

You may have seen this groovy 60's and 70's inspired brand all over instagram. With a distinct asthetic, Dazey LA focuses on supporting female entrepreneurs through slow fashion. Their in-house brand is a line of graphic art apparel hand drawn and handmade to order in LA, and the themes of all the artwork ties back into their mission to empower women. I appreciate that their clothing is made to order in an effort to minimize waste. Dani, the owner, has also committed herself to more inclusive sizing, and i'm happy to see more and more items above a size XL.

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