Maine Ethics Mission

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Maine Ethics is a feminist educational platform aimed at making ethical easier.

At Maine Ethics, my mission is to create educational and informative resources and tools to help make ethical easier. It is imperative to create an inclusive community in which we can become more conscious about our impact on the world, and the ways in which we must come together to dismantle all forms of oppression and exploitation.

Maine Ethics vision is to be platform where you can: find information and tools to actively work towards a less oppressive and exploitative world; understand the intersectionalities of social justice issues; and empower people to create and cultivate change.

Maine Ethics strives to celebrate and highlight sustainable fashion, other sustainable initiatives, conscious consumerism, social justice issues, and other activists in order to inspire us to take action to create global change.

Maine Ethics features interviews, original content like 101 guides, guest writers, and scholarly articles in order to communicate interesting stories, highlight inspiring individuals, and provide knowledge and resources.

Consulting services are offered for educators and business people who are looking to take the next steps in sustainability. More information can be found here.