About Me: 

Are you looking for a speaker who is passionate about changing the world? You've come to the right place. For over eight years, I have been sharing my passion for social justice issues, sustainability, and ethical consumerism with people. Whether it be presenting in an intimate setting, or in front of a large group of people, I love sharing my desire to implement positive change. 

Past Speaking EngagementS:

  • Fort McMurray City Council Meetings (x2): On two occasions I have spoken to council members about the importance of purchasing fair trade.
  • Teens For Change: As the founder of the teen social justice group, Teens for Change, I have led many activities, and spoken to students about leadership, being involved in social justice issues, and becoming global citizens.

  • St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School: Working as a consultant with St. Kateri administration I have helped the school receive a Fair Trade school status. I gave two different kinds of specialized presentations about the 101's of Fair Trade. The first to teachers, at professional development days, on how to teach fair trade to kids, and the second, to students themselves, catering to each grade level.

  • Fort McMurray Catholic Board of Education: As part of my work with St. Kateri school, I spoke to the board about integrating fair trade into schools, through products and education, emphasizing fair trade as a crucial addition to social justice education.

  • Fair Trade Calgary: I was invited by founder of Fair Trade Calgary to speak about my experiences sourcing fair trade products for St. Kateri School. The event was hosted at ethical retailer Patagonia.

  • University of Calgary: As part of an educational series, I was invited by Gallagher Library at the University of Calgary to do a specialized talk about coffee, focusing in on ethics and sustainability within the coffee supply chain.

Speaking Topics:

  • Fair Trade/ Ethical 101: An introductory talk about what fair trade means. Covering the basics of sustainability, ethics, and conscious consumerism.

  • Teenage Activism: As a former teenage social justice leader, this talk focuses on best practices for engaging students in activism, how to keep them engaged, and how to empower them to be better leaders.

  • Specialty Topics: This talk is catered to a topic of your choosing, surrounding fair trade and sustainability. Some examples could be coffee, fast fashion, bananas, chocolate, etc. This talk is perfect for expanding knowledge on one specific area.

  • Fair Trade Schools: I have worked extensively with Fair Trade Canada and individual schools to help implement fair trade. This talk is perfect if you'd like your educational team to learn more about what it means to be a fair trade school, how to source fair trade products, and how to teach fair trade to kids. Can be done in multiple sessions to further breakdown topics.

Speaking engagement costs begin at 200$, with discounts for not-for-profits. Please contact me for more information and details.